About Us

Keep your metal components in excellent condition with the metal restoration services from Prizmatic Powder Coating in Medford, New York. We offer custom powder coating services to restore car parts, lawn furniture, motorcycles, and any other type of metal component.

Our team is backed by many years of experience in the metal restoration field. Some of our employees are former iron workers who have been involved in the powder coating industry for many years.

Powder coating not only restores metal, but it actually makes the metal more durable by protecting it from the elements, harsh chemicals and fluids. We focus on quality instead of quantity, which allows us to provide every project with the attention that it deserves.

Award-Winning Services

One of our best customers, Chaos Cycle in Mastic, NY, recently took home the "First in Class" award from the New York International Motorcycle show at The Javits Center in January 2013. We worked on the frame, sissy bar, oil tank, battery box and motor mount on the award-winning motorcycle.